Upcoming Webinars

Acupuncture in the time of COVID 19 and Beyond: Challenges, Threat and Opportunities

Speaker: Dr. Panos Barlas

27th of September at 19:00 hrs Brisbane time

Acupuncture for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain:
Best Evidence from International RCT's

Speaker: Professor Nadine Foster

7th of November at 19:00 hrs Melbourne time


IAAPT at World Physiotherapy Congress, Tokyo, Thursda Thursday May 29 - Saturday May 31, 2025


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Meridian Newsletter

IAAPT publishes an informative newsletter quarterly which member organizations receive and can also access in the member section of IAAPT’s website. Below are some abridged versions of the Meridian Newsletter. 

June 1-4 WP Congress Dubai

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